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Youth Basketball Training School for Kids Ages 6-18
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Info for Parents

Parents, you are the most important factor in how your child does at Advantage Basketball Camps. Your encouraging support will make the difference, not only in how well the camp goes for your child, but in setting their expectations of themselves, their self-confidence, and their ultimate success in athletics and life.

Parents' Attitude Is The Key To Children's Success

Your encouragement will be very important, especially at the beginning of a week-long camp. It is very common for kids to come home after the first day and say, "I hate this camp. I am tired and sore. All we did is stand and dribble the ball all day." However, by day three, they have learned and are executing moves they could never do before. Their ball-handling skills have dramatically improved. They are excited and proud and cannot wait to come back to camp for another session.

Who, What, Where, When

Now that your kids are excited about attending Advantage Basketball Camps, you'll need to know more about the logistics involved. See our frequently asked questions page for more information on what to bring, emergency procedures, etc. Look at our schedule page to choose the session dates and locations that suit your needs and your child's skill level and age. Then it's simply a matter of completing the registration form, submitting payment, and receiving your confirmation. It is as simple as... well, dribbling a basketball.

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