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Youth Basketball Training School for Kids Ages 6-18
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Professionally Designed Basketball Coaching
And Training Methods Create Better Players

It would take a 1000 page book to show and explain every drill and all the techniques used to teach and master the skills and the moves taught by Advantage Basketball Camps. Take a look at this overview of the Advantage Basketball Camps’ teaching techniques and four main building-block drills:

Front To Back
Side To Side
Double Leg Wraps
Single Leg Wraps

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Quickness Is A Key To Basketball Success

Today’s game of basketball is played at an extremely fast pace. Explosively quick moves at the higher levels of the game are now the norm. Explosive moves off of the dribble are an essential part of today’s fast pace game.

Importance Of One-Handed Ball Control

Most of the really quick moves are one-handed direction-change moves. It simply takes too much time to get both hands involved in the move. The time it takes to cross over to the other hand while topping a basketball will allow a defender enough time to drop step and recover.

In all cases the ball must be kept low to the ground. The time it takes for the ball to bounce up high and then travel back to the floor takes too long and, again, will allow a defender to drop step and recover.

Using proper angles to attack a defender is critical. Going into a move at a bad angle will not get the defender to shift their weight, therefore rendering the move ineffective. Not coming out of a move at a proper angle will allow a defender the time they need to drop step and recover.

Basketball Practice Means Repetition By Drilling

Our main teaching technique is drill, drill, drill. Everyone learns through repetition. Students lock in one-handed ball-control skills into their “muscle memory”. From that solid foundation, campers learn explosive moves off of the dribble.

Professionally-Designed Basketball Coaching And Teaching Methods

A variety of teaching techniques are used at Advantage basketball camps. The first step is to communicate to all the students what they are about to learn and why they need to learn it. Once they understand the reasons for learning and understand the value of it, they pour themselves heart and soul into the effort.

Tell, Show, Do, Teach

First we tell the kids about a move and show them how it is done and how it should be completed. They then spend a lot of time practicing, mastering each move. In many cases, the students themselves then get to teach the move to other students. We’ve found that teaching a move really solidifies the “teacher’s” understanding of that move.

Many Means Of Motivation

Lessons are taught to students using a variety of methods. For some messages, college athletes work with the children as counselors to help keep the kids motivated. Continuous reinforcement throughout the day (pep talks, demonstrations, continued explanations, practice) helps to keep the kids motivated and improving.

One of the most effective techniques for motivating some of the older kids to practice and drill is to have one of our 10 or 11 year old girls (one of our experienced campers) demonstrate what they can do. When our older campers see what these young ladies can do they are willing to get down to work. There have been occasions when a less-than-enthusiastic 10th-grader is humbled by the demonstrations of a talented 6th grader.

Campers at Advantage Basketball Camps typically will do more work in their first two days at our camps than they would do in a week at other camps. To give the kids a break, and keep them going, we bring in motivational speakers to give a talk each day during the camp session.

Fun And Play As Motivation

Kids are kids after all. As the week progresses, they will be rewarded for their hard work with some fun time. This helps to keep them motivated. The children appreciate that after the hours of hard work there is some fun time waiting for them. This is especially beneficial to our long term campers. We have a large following of campers that come to one or more of our camps year after year.

Always Positive Encouragement

Positive encouragement is constantly delivered to all our students throughout a camp. Campers who need additional attention typically receive help from an Apprentice or one-on-one help from one of our Top Counselors. The approach in either case is to relate to the camper, to identify with them and work together with them to improve. This level of commitment to the campers requires a lot of time and hard work. But that is the commitment your children will receive from Advantage Basketball Camps.

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Having a little fun at each camp is a nice reward for all their hard work. See the pictures.

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