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Drills And Moves Used At Advantage Basketball Camps

Drills and moves are the essence of how Advantage Basketball Camps teaches young players the basics of the game. Here are some of the drills your kids can expect to learn during their time at an Advantage Basketball Camps session:

Front To Back
Side To Side
Double Leg Wraps
Single Leg Wraps

Level-One Drills

Level-one drills are our building block drills and are the foundation of becoming an explosive basketball player. Level-one drills would include but are not limited to the following:

  • Two hand crossover
  • One hand crossover right
  • One hand crossover left
  • Front to back right hand
  • Front to back left hand
  • Beginning double leg wraps (also level two

Level-One Moves And The Drills They Relate To

All drills are designed to teach great ball control by locking the ball-control skill into the player's muscle memory. When a player executes a move during a game, they will posses the necessary skill to properly execute the move. For example, the crossover, properly executed, is one of the best moves in basketball. A big part of our camp is teaching these moves and where why and when to use them.

 Two-Hand Crossover  Two-Hand Crossover
 One-Hand Crossover  One-Hand Crossover and Leg Wraps
 Jab-Step  Front to Back
 Hesitation or Pull-Up Burst  Front to Back
 Stationary or Explosion Burst  Front to Back
 Attack Defender Lead/Power Foot  Front to Back
Level-Two Drills

Level-two drills develop sharper execution of level-one drills and help prepare players for level three:

  • Crossover between the legs
  • Double-leg raps
  • Single-leg wraps high right hand
  • Single-leg wraps high left hand
  • Beginning combinations concepts
Level-Two Moves And The Drills They Relate To

 Through The Legs Inside  Crossover Between The Legs
 Behind The Back  Leg Wraps
 Two-Hand Spin  Double Leg Wraps
 One-Hand Spin  Single Leg Wraps
 Beginning Direction Change  All Level One and Two Drills
 Jab-Step Create Space Go Into Shot  Front to Back with Leg Jab
Level-Three Drills

Level-three drills develop sharper execution of level-two drills. The "Inside-Out Move" is one of the best advanced moves in the front court in basketball. It is undefendable in the open court. It is also one of the best set-up moves. Players at this level get a real sense of the power of what they are learning and how the number of moves based on these basic building-block skills are endless.

  • Between-The-Legs, Backwards
  • Inside-Out, Strong-Hand
  • Inside-Out, Flip Strong-Hand
  • Inside-Out, Through-The-Legs, Strong-Hand
  • Double Drill All Previous Drills
  • Single-Leg Wraps, Low, Strong-Hand
  • Through-The-Legs Forward
  • Through-The-Legs Forward With Rap Around Strong Hand
  • Combinations
Level-Three Moves And The Drills They Relate To

 Inside-Out/Open Court  Inside-Out
 Crossover, Behind-The-Back  Crossover, Behind-The-Back
 Stutter-Shuffle Burst  Single-Leg Wraps, Low
 Stutter-Shuffle Direction Change  Inside-Out, Flip
 Inside-Out/Front Court  Inside-Out, Through-The-Legs

Level-Four Drills

Level-four drills continue to build and develop sharper execution of level three drills. Level-four moves are mostly advanced combination moves that require a comprehensive understanding of the game. By the time campers get to this level, they have the skill to execute these moves, yet they need to learn where, when, and why to apply them in relation to their defender's and teammates' positions on the court. Developing a clear understanding of the angles and lanes on the court, and how a defender wants to protect them, is essential.

  • Do level-three drills with the weak hand
  • Cross-Body Wraps
  • Low Leg Wraps With Wrist Flip
  • Behind-The-Back, Backwards
  • Double-Doubles of previous drills
  • Series of advanced combination drills

Level-Four Moves And The Drills They Relate To

 Behind-The-Back Wrap with a
 Cross-Body Flip
 Low Leg-Wrap with Wrist-Flip
 Behind-The-Back Pull-Back Set-Up  Behind-The-Back, Backwards
 An endless combination of moves  An endless combination of drills


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