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Good Sportsmanship Is A Major Value Taught At
Advantage Basketball Camps

Advantage Basketball Camps requires all campers at all times to display good sportsmanship. At basketball games, basketball leagues, basketball camps, basketball clinics, and all sporting events, good sportsmanship is a must.

Good sportsmanship involves respect for fellow team members and members of the opposing team. A good sportsman never blames or criticizes teammates for mistakes or poor performance. A good sportsman never taunts or teases opponents by showing off or using “trash talk”. A good sportsman always follows the rules and always congratulates the opponent after a game.

It means respect for the coaching staffs, officials, and spectators. A good sportsman never argues with the judgement, calls, or decisions of officials or coaches. A good sportsman is gracious in victory or defeat. Good sportsmanship is observed both during practice and game sessions, and whether on or off the court.

We believe that youth sporting events, at all levels, should be a healthy, fun, and positive aspect of a young person’s life. Participation in sports should impart lifelong values, which are the behavioral foundation of our future generation. Our goal is to teach strong moral values like honor, respect, and integrity, both in word and by example. We insist that we have a clean, positive atmosphere for our youth to play in.

Toward this objective, Advantage Basketball Camps programs embody the philosophy of good sportsmanship.

Print a copy of the “Parent-Player Pledge” and post it where it will be seen each day.

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