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Youth Basketball Training School for Kids Ages 6-18
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Advantage Basketball Camps in Europe

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International Basketball Camp – Switzerland

Learn Improve Enjoy

Coaches and Players from the US and Europe


Windisch: April 14 - 18

Basel: March 24 - 28

St. Gallen: March 31- April 4

Lyon / Grenoble, France: to be announced

Chf: 295.- (lunch included)

For boys and girls age 10 - 20 years old.

Register now! Maximum 50 players per camp.

Advantage Basketball Camps

Players learn much more than just basketball skills. At the same time you learn the technical aspects of dribbling, passing and shooting, you’ll also discover an enhanced self-confidence, you’ll understand the significance of teamwork and cooperation, and you’ll have an increased appreciation for the value of effort and work to attain your goals.

The Advantage Basketball program will be an exciting experience for you. After this week, you’ll look and feel completely positive about your basketball skills and more.

As your game progresses, you will grow as a person, and as you grow as a person, your game, as well as of other aspects of your life, will improve. This is a constant circle of positive development.

Shooting and Ball Handling


The camp will focus on two of the most important aspects of the game: Shooting and ball handling (dribbling). This program was developed over more than 20 years ago by some of America’s the best basketball instructors. It is specifically designed to help you improve your skills quickly through concentration, repetition, and developing “muscle memory”.

Every player is intensively trained to be adept at ball handling and shooting techniques by specialized coaches from both the US and Europe.

A Perfect Preparation For Your Basketball Season


This camp in October is the ideal way for you to get a head start on your competitors. While other players will be on vacation, relaxing and thinking about something else, you'll be working and improving your game with enthusiasm and determination. Your progress and your improved performance will give you a serious advantage the next time you play in a real game.

Bring Your Own Basketball


Advantage Basketball Camps never furnishes basketballs. Players are expected to show their love of the game by bringing their own basketball and by keeping track of it at all times during the camp. Your ball must be clean and in good condition.

High Schools and Universities in the USA

Have you ever dreamed of studying and playing basketball in the US? If you have the talent, a good mastery of the English (both verbal and written), have good grades and a good attitude, then your dream can come true. Advantage Basketball Camps is connected with a network of schools across the US and knows how to place you, related to your talent, in a good high school, college, or university, in order to live this unique experience!

Director Mike Hummel plans to be present to evaluate your talents and to help you if you meet the standards.

For Boys and Girls


... Yes, girls, really! We want girls to develop a winning attitude as much as the boys! For this reason, we have coaches in our camp who are dedicated specifically to training our young women players. So, girls, don’t hesitate to register! Bring along a friend or a team member who would enjoy a week of fun and basketball.

Mike Hummel created Advantage Basketball Camps for boys and girls alike. His own girls are talented basketball players. In addition, Mr. Hummel is the founder and president of a Washington State (USA) girls’ Amateur Athletic Union basketball league. His girls have gone on to play college and professional basketball.

A Message to Parents

Your children learn more during the Advantage Basketball Camp than just basketball. In addition to basketball training, your children will become more self-confident. They will learn the value of teamwork and about accomplishing goals. Their improved athletic capabilities will help your child in life well beyond the sport. This one-week experience will help your child learn more about the game of basketball, than some would otherwise learn in an entire year. Even more importantly, this experience will change them in a positive way for a long time. Through our special Advantage Basketball Camps teaching methods, the boys and girls become dependable, responsible young men and women. You'll see how hard work and a corresponding good attitude will lead to successful results.

A Message to Players

Constant work and repetition are the keys for mastering all aspects of basketball. But another important factor is your imagination. This is a capacity you can always count on. We’d like you to imagine how much you’d like to improve during this camp. Imagine the pleasure that you’ll gain from your improved skills. That picture will not become reality without work, without listening to your trainers, and without mastering every exercise. If you have the desire and make the effort, then your trainers will also work hard to help you improve, so that at the end of this week, you will be a new player, with a new attitude, and with a new joy for the game. The first step is to register by filling out the form below.

This will make you a member of our international family. Are you ready?

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