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Welcome to Advantage team tryouts. The mission at Advantage Basketball Camps is to create a place where players have a positive atmosphere; where young athletes who want to be better basketball players have the opportunity to get better. Advantage is the vehicle that provides that opportunity for players to take their game to the next level. We exist to make a positive difference in the lives of our players. Our goal is to develop happy, healthy, and confident players. We strive to provide a safe, fun, and successful experience for every player.

Parents: You must complete the paperwork below (). Scroll down to view the flyers.

Tryouts are free and players only need to make one of the tryouts. Our Advantage Basketball training academy where we hold our tryouts is located at 14445, NE Juanita drive Kenmore, WA (located in St Edwards state park-next to Bastyr University). During tryouts our coaching staff will evaluate players' skills and ability in game settings and competitions. We have multiple teams at each grade level. Each team is a different skill level. We will place your player on the team that we think will be best for their current skill level. Our professional training staff will work with them and when they are ready we will move them to one of the higher skilled teams. You should receive a call from the director or coach after the tryouts by the following week about what team you made. If you do not receive a phone call by then, feel free to call or contact us by e-mail.

Typical Seasons and Team Tryout Dates

Season Tryouts
Fall (September - November) September
Fall/Winter (September - March) November
Spring (March - July) February-March

Individual tryouts are available upon request by contacting us:

Office Training Academy
425-670-8877 425-670-8877
info@advantagebasketball.com info@advantagebasketball.com

Fees: One-time $250 team fee
Mandatory monthly training: $140/month for unlimited sessions per month

A few spots are currently available on existing teams! Call now – 425-670-8877 – for more information.

Informational Flyers

Click an image to download the PDF informational flyer:

Tryouts - Fall 2015   Tryouts - Winter 2015   Tryouts - Spring 2016

If you miss a tryout you can also be evaluated by registering for training if we have any spots open at your grade and skill level we will place you on a team at that time. We move kids up often and that opens up a spot also.

Season Length and Commitment

These seasons may be shorter or longer depending on the team. Our team program is geared to develop our players through experienced coaching and competitive game experiences. Typically your team will play 15-20 games in the 3 months. We participate in AAU sanctioned events mostly but may use other venues as well that may be a better fit for your team. Each team schedule will vary some, so we can't give you exact dates and events at this time. You will receive your teams' game schedule when you receive your welcome e-mail.

Many players also participate in different sports, which is fine with us as long as you can make more than half of the team's practices and games. We have flexible training hours throughout the week, so it will be easy to find days and times that don't conflict with your other teams and activities. We try to work with feeder programs as much as possible and allow the players to do both and allow the kids to have balanced lives outside of sports with school, work, family, faith, and other interests.


Our teams typically will practice twice per week, and also group training once to 3 times per week as you choice. In addition to their team practices and team training, we offer training classes throughout the week. You sign up for sessions on a month-to-month basis. Through team practices, competitive games, and position player training, our players really improve their individual skills and basketball IQ. You don't have to be on a team to train, but if you are playing for a team, you must train in our program.

You don't have to be on a team to train, but if you are playing for a team, you must train in our program.

We will be holding group tryouts Fall (September - November) in September, Fall/Winter (September - March) in September and December and Spring (March - July) in October and February. We will hold individual tryouts all year long. To schedule a individual tryout contact our office via email info@advantagebasketball.com or call 425-814-2255 . By playing for us during the remaining part of the Fall/Winter, it will give you a foot in the door for those teams. Thank you for taking the time to read this information. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.


The cost to play on our teams is a flat fee of $250.00. There is also a requirement to register for unlimited weekly training for $140 per month. You can register for training and not play on one of our teams if you want, but if you play on a team you must register for training. Even if you do not train you must pay your monthly $140.00 team fee to be on one of our teams. Our professional trainers produce skilled ballplayers.

Individual, private training is also available. Please contact us at info@advantagebasketball.com or 425-670-8877 for details.

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